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Located only half an hour away from Surfers Paradise and ten minutes north of the famous Surfers Doobie Beach, the caravan park is one of the most luxurious parks in Australia. If you are holidaying on the Gold Coast and traveling in a caravan, why not spend a few days in the Lamington National Park or watch the moon rise over the headland in the distance from your beautiful villa?

The caravan park is on the beach, where the funicular railway elevates up to the historic tide pools. There are over 250 luxury camping sites, so the park is extremely diverse. All the sites are picnic-style and are completely insect-free.

The ground floor of the complex has a wine trolley and gift shop, while the first floor has the Amusement Park, with the Gigantic Ferris Wheel and the classic Creole Caravan Stations.

The top floor has the Aquarium, with the Shark Reef a perfect example of the diversity of marine life in the area. On the rooftop, you can view the Gold Coast Hinterland and the Beyond.

To the campers:

There are 8 bays to choose from with waterfalls cascading down the bays. Swimming is allowed in the areas and there are also South African tides in the falls.

There are also 8 scenic picnic areas including the Beaches picnic area and the Smoky Valley picnic area. Catch the picnic area that leads to the huge natural pool known as Laputa.

The Top 5 sites on the overlook bring to mind images of peacefulness and beauty. Do take a picnic and come and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Photo by Simon Rae

For a multiday camping holiday in Queensland:

The Outback is not just about the mountains and exploring the bush. Take your pit and picnic blankets and start to explore this amazing area that Australia is presenting in its purest form. Over the past ten years, the Outback has developed a huge network of camping roads and paths. The many thousands of kilometers of roads now become just roads – and tracks.

Because of the huge amount of roads, it is usually essential to have 4×4 vehicles.

Visit the Garden Route. Many visitors put the northern outline as being the best introduction to the Outback. This course is suitable for both small and large groups. It also has areas that will provide excellent side trips to help expand the Outback experience. The area covers the states of Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria.

It can also be guided by a local Aboriginal guide.

To experience the amazing flora and fauna of the area you only need to reach one of the thirty or so camping sites. spread out amongst the immense pine and oak forests.

It is advisable to have rain gear; expect to get stuck in places and be prepared to switch to an emergency supply of coal.

The Northern part of Australia is definitely a world-class destination. The accommodation is best experienced on the weekends and is more reasonably priced.


Exploring O’Reilly’s Rainforest in Lamington National Park

Howell is an ideal base to explore such vast areas. It is well serviced with major pick and drop facilities. It is easily navigated by two-wheel drive vehicles on mud roads.

Fitzsimons is probably one of the most popular two weeks of your holiday. They offer a very wide variety of accommodation to suit all budgets and all activities. FitzSimons has several five-star resorts and because of its close proximity to the beach and superb coordinators on the tips, it makes the ideal two weeks or longer holiday for families and friends.

The services and facilities at FitzSimons are excellent and personal. The resorts are all horse and cattle free and have excellent service to just about every resort.