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12 Top Cities to Visit in the World

Here is a list of some of the 12 top cities in the world to visit for visitors looking for ideas for their next trip. The effort is worth it because you will get to visit some of the exotic locations that tourists dream of.

Paris, France

The French capital is on the list of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Paris is famous for its monuments, museums, culture, and fashion. The city is bestowed with all the metropolitan amenities. The Eiffel Tower is the tallest structure in the world. In addition, the city has excellent nightlife to offer. The best thing about the place is that it is never boring. Moving on with the top five best places to visit in Paris.

Paris, France city is right on the edge of the global civilization. The city houses numerous striking architectural treasures that will certainly take your breath away. The Eiffel Tower is the most famous of the many famous towers of the city.

Munich, Germany

The city is popular for its nightlife. You can choose from a wide array of pubs and discos in order to suit your budget. The best time to visit the city is the summer season. However, the winter season too is a great time to witness the magnificent scenery of the place.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

It is the country where behind the closed doors and tall buildings once stood the massive Viking fortress. The fortress gives a magnificent view of the dark passage between the waves of the ocean. The city is well known for the restaurants serving the region’s specialties. You can choose from seafood to steaks.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

You can consider yourself as one of the lucky countries that have been given the benefit to have a sunny climate all year round. The most attractive thing about the place is that it has excellent facilities for enjoying the water sports. Besides, there is an array of bars and clubs to hold your attention.

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Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, a former imperial city in western Morocco, and a major economic center with mosques, palaces, and gardens. The medina is a fortified and densely populated medieval city dating from the Berber Empire, with alleys intertwined like a labyrinth, where bustling souks (markets) sell traditional fabrics, pottery, and jewelry. Symbol of the city, the minaret of the 12th-century Moorish Koutoubia Mosque can be seen for miles.

                                                              Street food in Marrakesh

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia is a bustling metropolis that has numerous upscale communities and numerous tourist spots. If you happen to be to visit this place, you will have a variety of options available in terms of accommodations, entertainment, and health resorts.

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Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain. The place is also considered to be the tourist hub of the entire region and offers numerous sightseeing and recreational activities to savor. Beside the sparkling sea, intertwined with the historic buildings, you will also find a forest containing numerous flora and fauna.

Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt

The resort’s town of Sharm-El-Sheikh is popular among holiday-makers for its excellent golf courses and warm resort atmosphere. It also offers lovely beaches and campsites that will make your holidays more exciting and adventurous.

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Punta Arenas, Mexico

Punta Arenas is a small seaside town in the southern Mexican state of Yucatan. The place is ideal for having luxurious holidays together with family and friends. Apart from the sparkling white beaches, there are a number of prime beaches in the region to explore.

Costa Club Punta Arena, Puerto Vallarta

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The largest city of Brazil is fondly known as the ‘Paris of South America’ for its high standard of living, round-the-clock entertainment, and flamboyant fashion. In Sao Paulo, you can find a number of stately buildings, world-famous beaches, and modern avenues of great attraction.

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Cape Town, South Africa

This city by the sea and near the Cape Peninsula has gained a remarkable reputation due to its enduringly warm climates of the place. The place is well known for its architectural heritage and offers fantastic beach lined deeply indented beaches.

The city of gardens, historical landmarks, vibrant nightlife, luxury hotels giving it the top slot. Cape Town is without a doubt Melanesia and probably the gateway to Africa. The place is full of life and more so, is the host to a number of fine cultures. At Cape Town, you can experience an obliged climate all year round. Build in the 1940s, the city is an architectural jewel and rightly famous for being the home to such a varied group of nations like South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

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Las Vegas, United States

As the saying goes, ‘what happens in Vegas remains in Vegas’, but the place is still very much alive and takes a load off the mind. Known for Palmer Lake which is on the sunny side of Lake Mead, one can enjoy a number of adventurous water sports before climbing up the worldwide tallest casino tower.

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The big island of Thailand is a recognized tourist destination and leading Asia tourist destination. The place is teeming with adventure and fun. For a long time, it was a destination that was considered to be a paradise but things have changed and it is now among the world’s visited destinations.

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