Planning Your Next Trip? Why You Should Consider Driving

Planning Your Next Trip? Why You Should Consider Driving
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With the holiday season approaching, you may be trying to decide how to travel. Should you pack up the car and hit the road or shorten the trip by boarding a plane? While both have their advantages and disadvantages, there are many things to consider such as expenses, safety, and time. Here are some pros and cons to consider so you can make the best decision for your traveling needs:

The Cost

Whether you travel by air or by car, you’ll have to do a little research. Decades ago, you would have to visit a travel agency to reserve tickets for a flight and hopefully get the best deal. Thankfully, there are numerous online tools to help you find the best price. For example, consider a flight from Atlanta to Chicago, the day before Thanksgiving with a return date on Sunday. For one round trip ticket, prices can vary between around $175 to over $300. Traveling by car may end up being cheaper in regards to the price of gasoline, however, you need to factor in other possible costs of either type of travel such as transportation to the airport, car rental, potential car repair costs, and tolls.



The time it takes to travel can change unexpectedly. If you travel by plane, you may face a delayed flight and if you travel by car, you may hit traffic congestion. In both forms of travel, mechanical issues and weather can slow you down, too. Back to the Atlanta to Chicago trip. From getting to the Atlanta airport to the flight time and arriving at your Thanksgiving destination, the estimated time is around 5 hours, more or less. It’s important to consider that this time could fluctuate, particularly during the holiday season and depending on how early you are expected to arrive at the airport. Are you supposed to show up at the airport 3 hours early? You may be looking at 8-9 hour trip from start to finish.

A car trip is likely to take longer, in this case. Estimated at around 11 hours, this time may fluctuate as well. You will need to consider traffic and stops along the way.


Fear of flying is natural, although it is proven to be safer than driving. According to the Insurance Journal, the odds of dying in a car accident is 1 in 112 while the odds of dying in a commercial airplane crash is 1 in 96,566. If you hate to fly, it’s understandable. When you are a passenger on an airplane, you have given up all control, but when you travel by car, you have complete control over your travel. While road travel is a great way to see the countryside and bond with your family, it puts you at greater risk for being involved in an accident and many of your fellow motorists may be irresponsible as they drive distracted, fatigued, or are just plain reckless.

Your Personal Preference

While each type of travel has pros and cons, it all comes down to your personal preference and comfort. Air travel can be chaotic and overwhelming, making it an unpleasant experience while driving can be just as stressful. The best thing you can do is conduct your research, do a cost analysis, and go with what feels right.

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